Insights publisher honourably welcome all the authors in publishing their research work or thesis in the form of e-book, as it reaches a great significant viewers who can benefit by free access, downloading and can go through it as per convenience. The main advantages of e-books are that they can be stored and accessible in any device irrelevant to the desktops.

Now a day’s these are the most useful format & gained a rapid development over the time and made easy for the students and scholars to use the scientific content for their need. It’s an enormous way to express your thoughts in a creative way and is much more visually engaging than a white paper.

E-books have become the standard form of this century to have the research work available to the readers. We at our site provide you the best high quality e-print that can be viewable on any screen size and resolution. We encourage readers to use our podium to find more original ways of showcasing their work & reaching out to larger viewers through interactive data representation showing the impact of their research work.

Articles Formats


PDF stands for Portable Document Format Invented by Adobe, PDF is now a standardized design maintained by the International.

Full Text

A full text is a database which is assembled with the complete information of the referred document.


In today’s world content is consumed on various devices ranging in size and screens resolutions.

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