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The main motto of insights Journal is to spread scientific knowledge worldwide. We here boldly strive hard to publish scientific content and their credibility is completely depends upon peer review process by the effective editors, reviewers and chief support for Insights. Editors are highly responsible for publishing the quality articles that are received from every corner of the world according to their expertise.

Editor Roles & Responsibilities

  • Editors are actively participated in the views of associated editors, reviewers and authors in improving the journal content.
  • Editorial board members are most welcomed to give their valuable suggestions, comments for managerial growth.
  • Editors are asked to review the submitted manuscripts based upon their expertise and feasible time.
  • If time does not allow for editors in reviewing the manuscript, they can suggest other reviewers.
  • The Editors must reassure that published article is original and the reliability of the author's work is a must, so that there must be a proper citation and the original supply of the content should be named.
  • The ultimate decision regarding changes, acceptance, or rejection of a document rests solely with the editor.


  • Editors can be promoted as executive editor based on their active participation and on their experience.
  • Editors have high priority on all the events going to be held by us.
  • Based upon their support and their efficiency, there is a chance to serve as EIC or advisory board member.
  • The review comments received by editors will be strictly followed and forward to authors for necessary modification as per editor suggestion.
  • We promote the articles received from our editors in all our social networking groups which help in increasing visibility for their works.

Reviewer Roles & Responsibilities

  • Upon receiving the article we will forward article to reviewer for reviewing it.
  • Once the reviewers receive invitation, we expect them to provide deadlines for when they can review article.
  • Reviewers must notify us about accepting or decline our invitation.
  • Also, they can suggest any other eminent persons in the same field for reviewing the article. Where sending the article directly to the other persons are strictly not allowed.
  • If reviewers send us the suggested details we will approach them for reviewing the article.
  • We request reviewers to send their research interest so that we can forward the articles upon their interest field.
  • Reviewers are not allowed to show any unfairness while evaluating the transcripts and should not discuss with respective authors about the paper.
  • All communication for time extension, conflict of interest and cancelling a review must be made with the editorial office directly.
  • Only practical criticism is accepted, crude language or offensive remarks will not be tolerated.

Articles Formats


PDF stands for Portable Document Format Invented by Adobe, PDF is now a standardized design maintained by the International.

Full Text

A full text is a database which is assembled with the complete information of the referred document.


In today’s world content is consumed on various devices ranging in size and screens resolutions.

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