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Insights of Scientific and Biomedical Research Journal provide freely access to all the articles that got publish with it. All the authors, scholars are employed in downloading, share and read the articles when and where they want with the life time archiving of articles. As it is an asset to all the scientific community. The Publishers strive towards providing unrestricted access to research and knowledge prominence the advancements in education, science and technology. This mission of disseminating knowledge helps the researchers, scientists, practitioners, academic community, policy-makers and general public reach our publications, data and resources.

Types of Open Access.

There are two types of open access. Here they are:

  1. Gold Open Access: It allows the final published article that is made available online freely, immediately and permanently after the payment of Article Processing Charge with the Creative common License. These can be published in full open access or in hybrid open access publishers.
  2. Green Open Access: It allows a version of peer-reviewed, accepted manuscript to be made available through an institutional, university/ hospital or discipline-specific repository, without Creative common License. These can be published in subscription or in hybrid open access publishers.

Benefits of Open Access Policy

  1. Helps to avoid duplication in research work done by the researchers.
  2. Improves the transparency in understanding the scientific research funding seeking to answer important scientific questions.
  3. Motives the author for submission of their work which raises the visibility and impact in building a worldwide audience toward the knowledge.
  4. Removes the barriers like subscription, licensing fees & pay per view fee to access the content that got published.
  5. Encourages the new scholars to work more and strive for advancements in new innovations.
  6. All the authors’ are benefited by the life time archiving of their innovation work by using the publishers as their podium.
  7. Helps in minimizing the financial expenditure and saves time
  8. Provides easier access to share information for everyone increasing the prospects of collaboration

Articles Formats


PDF stands for Portable Document Format Invented by Adobe, PDF is now a standardized design maintained by the International.

Full Text

A full text is a database which is assembled with the complete information of the referred document.


In today’s world content is consumed on various devices ranging in size and screens resolutions.

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